SpaceRTS - Starter Pack  1.3

This Starter Kit provides a quick and easy way to build an RTS with a Space setting.
Fits perfect for beginners or as prototype for a look and feel of any amazing space rts you have in mind but also has the potential to be expanded for any professional use.
Very modular components, lots of code comments and documentation.
Hope you enjoy using it as much as I love developing it.

Forum | Demo | Changelog


  • Units movement in formation.
  • Units selection by click.
  • Units selection by dragbox.
  • Units of same type selection by double click.
  • Units and structures construction.
  • Many already created units (Scouts, Builders, cruisers, destroyers, etc)
  • Some already created structures (Starbase, Mining Processor, Shipyard, etc)
  • Beautiful background and asteroid clusters for a deep immerse experience.
  • Customizable camera with Zoom In-Out, Rotation, pan, pan with cursor touching screen borders, and many more.
  • Resource gathering.
  • Resource Carriers (Freighters).
  • Fully customizable sets of resource types.
  • Units HUD for construction progress and units Health Points (HP).
  • Customizable set of commands for the units (Move, Move&Attack, Attack,ResourceGathering,etc).
  • Customizable Combat System.
  • Ships with multiple attack vectors.
  • Some nice placeholder explosions for destruction feedback.
  • Ability to place areas that reduce the units HP (Red Nebula).
  • Ability to place areas that recovers the units HP (Green Nebula).
  • Very simple AI as a template and to test the combat features.
  • Many more...


  • A* Pathfinding Project.
  • Behaviour Designer.


  • Grid shader to allow measure of space.
  • Generic Space Skybox for immerse ambience.
  • Customizable selection marker.
  • Simple UI for unit building.
  • 6 types of units configured through scriptable objects with it's respective visual prefab.